Isle 2014 – Artist Series #2 – James Harrison

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For our second series of artist collaborations, we chose to work with James Harrison who studied at the RCA and now resides in Los Angeles.

For more information on James and his work, please check out his website here: http://www.jamesharrison.org

Isle: Summer 2014 Graphics (Curiosities Series)

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Images of our new sets of Isle board graphics are just starting to show up online, so we thought we'd give you a little insight into the thoughts behind them.

The Curiosities series might look like a simple set of shelves – which it is – but there's more going on than first meets the eye. We had a set of custom shelves made up, which worked to the same dimensions/ratio of a regular board shape and size. We then hit up each of our pros and collated objects that related to each of them for their individual graphic.

Paul Shier's board features many things that are personal to him. Longtime friends of Paul will immediately notice a few things, such as the Coca-Cola can ("Got 50p for a can of Coke, mate?" being a regular request from his days skating Fairfields, Barcelona and other locations) or his faithful dog Bernard's collar, but there are a few other personal items on there too. The San Francisco fridge magnet relates to Paul's years spent living in SF, the well-travelled passport is self explanatory and the sugared goodies at the top corner reference his sweet tooth. The Leatherman tool (also at the top) was a gift from his grandfather, the anchovies and clementines are part of his well-managed diet - and the original cassettes refer to his love of early-mid '90s hip-hop. Each rider's name is represented by a set of cards with their initials on.

Nick Jensen's board features a number of personal favourite objects – a vase, a favourite fruit, a money plant – and also refers to his artist background with a set of paints that were used in some of his latest paintings. Books scattered throughout indicate other interests, and an appreciation of Morrisey and The Smiths is represented by a promotional postcard at the top. The phrenology ornament was a recent eBay purchase – and fitted perfectly into the space on the shelving unit.

Sylvain's graphic has a number of things to represent his heritage and background: the French mustard, the blue cheese and the grapes are a tongue-in-cheek stereotypical nod to France (as is the purple iris), while the Sylvanian Families frog character refers to an in-joke amongst Sylvain's friends! The placement of foreign legion soldiers are inspired by Sylvain's semi-nomadic lifestyle and love of exploring foreign places – and the chess pieces are a self-explanatory addition. And to round it all off, you can wash that lot down with a glug from his Pernod bottle stuffed in the corner!

The Curiosities series should be hitting all good shops in the next few weeks, alongside our other set of boards, the Editions series. More on those shortly...

Isle Intelligence Report: June/July 2014

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Summer's here at last and we've been busy! The new Isle catalogue will be ready shortly, with our two new series of board graphics and a new selection of apparel for the forthcoming months. Check back in a couple of weeks to check everything out here before it hits the stores.

Our good friends at Grey just posted up Nick Jensen's section from Jacob Harris's excellent Eleventh Hour: be sure to check out the accompanying interview over on the Grey site too.

Nick Jensen in Eleventh Hour

Casper Brooker recently finished a special edit with our friend Mark Jackson, which also went live via Grey magazine this week. Plenty of great stuff in here, as Casper tears up the streets of London:

Casper Brooker Nike SB video part

Speaking of Casper, both he and Tom Knox did extremely well at the Nike SB London Am finals last weekend: Casper took a very respectable fourth place, whilst Tom qualified in first, meaning a trip to the European finals in Berlin (and a well deserved cheque for £2500 too!). Check out Tom's amazing run below (filmed in segments, but the same run): only three missed tricks in five minutes! Amazing.

Tom and the Lost Art guys also took home first place at the Vans Shop Riot for the North:

Chris Jones, Sylvain, Jon Nguyen, Shier and the aforementioned guys are all busy filming for the forthcoming Isle video, Vase, with Jacob Harris. Having seen a 10-minute selection of raw footage last week, we can confirm that things are currently on schedule for an early autumn finish. More news on that as we get it.

Apparently, tomorrow is Go Skateboarding Day, so on that note, we're off...


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Vase is coming soon. More details to follow shortly.

In other news, check out Hold Tight London's amazing new edit. Nick Jensen, Sylvain Tognelli, Casper Brooker and Jon Nguyen are all featured and there's plenty of other familiar London faces destroying terrain throughout.

Props to Hold Tight Henry for putting this one together.

Isle Intelligence Report: April 2014

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Better weather means more skating – and that's exactly what's been happening here over the past month! As well as preparing the next two series of Isle graphics, there's been lots of travel and coverage for the Isle team recently.

Firstly, Kingpin Magazine did an epic 13-page feature on the recent Isle trip to Athens, Greece. Jake Harris wrote the feature and Sam Ashley took the photos – and there's some great content, ranging from Chris Jones's tail-less hippie jump through to Tom Knox's backside smith. Casper Brooker, Jensen, Shier and Sylvain all have significant presence too. Thanks everyone who helped out on this.

Casper just got back from a trip to check out the new Nike SB 'Shelter' park in Berlin as part of the Slam City crew, with Jake Harris, Chris Pulman and Tom Tanner. Check out the video:

Sylvain's part in the new Nozbone video, 'Café Clope', is definitely something to check out too. Watch out for the perfectly-timed finisher:

Our main man in SF, Jon Nguyen, gets a quick interrogation on the Strange Notes YouTube channel, as part of their 5x5 series:

Also on the interrogation tip, Mr. Paul Shier had a proper sit-down with our friends at Theories of Atlantis and runs through what he's been doing since his amazing part in Static II a decade ago.

The Slam City crew went and checked out the new HTC skatepark at Selfridges, London. Check out the great edit by our buddy Mark Jackson and spot all the familiar faces (alongside our very own Nick Jensen and Casper). The park looks great, so make sure you go and check it out while it's there.

Enough typing for now: that lot should see you through until our next update!


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